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Tax Planning

Are you paying more tax than you should?
Effective tax planning can help reduce your tax both now and in the future

Effective tax planning can be used both for business as well as for individual taxes to reduce the amount of tax you pay. We know that you work hard for your money and want to keep as much as you can in your pocket and we can discuss a variety of strategies to help you reduce your tax.

Common Tax Planning Strategies:

  • Correct business structuring 

  • Utilising additional superannuation contributions 

  • Prepayment of expenses

  • Purchasing new equipment 

  • Utilising government initiatives such as the instant asset write off or temporary full expensing

  • Maximising rental property deductions through the use of a quantity surveyors report 

  • Tax efficient trust distributions

  • Establishment & utilisation of a bucket company

  • Utilising tax losses & franked dividends

  • Preparing a log book for work related travel

  • Salary sacrificing 

  • Paying staff superannuation in a timely manner 

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